Provider of customized solutions.

ELIT has acquired a know-how that allows us, through our design office and our experience in the field, to propose technical solutions specifically adapted to the specifications defined jointly with the user.

Welcome to our home!

Our company is based in the west of Lyon, about 15 km from the city center, and was founded in December 1932. Installed on 10 000 m², our activities are organized in three departments:
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation, electrical tracing and passive fire protection services for our industrial customers
  • The manufacture of flexible and removable insulating mattresses made to measure in our workshop
  • Machining of rigid insulating materials with NC machines also adapted to the needs of our customers

We are recruiting

The job of a sheet metal insulator

  • Independently or as part of a team, he/she intervenes on industrial sites to isolate equipment

  • He notes the dimensions of the accessories and equipment to be protected in the field

  • He carries out the tracing, the folding, the cutting and the shaping of the plates of coatings in workshop of prefabrication thanks to the various machines at his disposal (shears, edge machines, folding machines...)

  • It installs insulation and coverings for installations that operate in positive and negative temperatures
  • He/she masters and respects the safety instructions imposed on industrial sites

The trade of industrial tailor

  • He or she makes insulating blankets used for the insulation of industrial equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical, microelectronic, research and nuclear sectors.

  • He or she masters :

    • Cutting and assembling technical fabrics (glass, aramid, PVC...) with an industrial sewing machine or by hand

    • The cutting of insulation (fibrous, alveolar...) and the filling of mattresses

    • Installation of eyelets, hooks and other fastening systems

    • The reading of manufacturing plan
    • Dimensional control of the finished product
CNC machining of parts in PROMALIGHT-1000X for furnaces

The transformation of rigid insulating materials.

  • Using NC machining centers and conventional machine tools (lathes, saws, pillar drills, routers...)

  • The operators carry out the manufacturing programs, adjust the machines, machine the parts, ensure the dimensional controls

  • We also integrate our insulators in boiler-made or mechanically welded sub-assemblies...

Our job offers

Seamstress - Temporary - 2 Positions

Weekly schedule 37.5 hours from Monday to Friday at noon

Handling and sewing of industrial technical textiles (glass fibers, aramid, silica...).

Experience desired, training in our materials provided internally

Temporary position to be filled quickly in Brindas (69).