Industrial thermal insulation since 1932

Industrial insulation on site
Thermal insulation from -150 to +850° C
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Rigid industrial insulation solutions
Transformation of insulating materials from -260° to +1850° C
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Flexible industrial insulation solutions
Removable insulating mats from ambient to +1370° C
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On-site solutions

Our teams of MASE-certified fitters are able to insulate industrial process installations in service from -160° C to + 850° C, protect against noise pollution, .....

Industrial insulation

thermal, phonic, refrigerating, acoustic.
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Rigid solutions

We process thermal and dielectric insulating materials as well as fireproof materials for temperatures between -260° C and +1760°C

Processing of insulating materials

Machining of thermal and dielectric insulating materials and fireproof materials
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Flexible solutions

Flexible and easily removable, our INSULFLEX insulating mattresses are made to measure, for temperatures from ambient to + 1370°C, from technical fabrics, filled with insulating materials and equipped with closing systems

Manufacture of insulating mattresses

Thermal insulation, soundproofing and fire protection
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To meet the needs of industrial thermal insulation

Thanks to our three departmentsWe analyze your needs in thermal protection, soundproofing, passive fire protection, heating and temperature maintenance of your installations.
We intervene from the study to the design of new equipment, but also for the improvement, the modification, the compliance of old equipment.
Our thermal studies are based on proven calculation software and ISO standards.
Our experience as well as our means of production allow us to propose solutions of industrial thermal insulation for a range of temperatures from -260° C to + 1760° C.
"Energy is our future, let's save it" and for this, industrial thermal insulation is a simple and efficient way to achieve this with a return on investment of less than 1 year in most cases(

Control and optimization of industrial energy

With experience and references acquired over time, our project managers and technicians are able to offer you technical solutions that correspond precisely to your needs.

At a time when saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are becoming major industrial concerns, our studies are based on high-performance computer software that complies with the latest European standards for thermal protection.

Each department is able, alone or in close relation with the others, to calculate and propose solutions for :

- Save energy, reduce equivalent CO2 emissions
- Improve the thermal insulation of existing installations (thermal insulation, removable insulating blankets, shims SANPON)
- Calculate the return on investment
- Determine the power of the electric tracing and the insulating and heating mats INSULFLEX
- Optimize the phonic performances of the acoustic panels and the insulating mats INSULFLEX
- Evaluate the performances of passive fire protections adapted to your equipment

- Make maintenance operations on your installations more practical with innovative solutions


Our various products and services are used in the following industries

- Chemicals, petrochemicals, energy production
- Pharmaceuticals

- Agri-food
- Iron and steel (ferrous and non-ferrous)
- Glass and ceramics
- Microelectronics
- Aeronautics and space
- Rubber and plastics
- Rail, road and maritime transport
- Heat treatment
- Scientific research
- Nuclear
- ...

Numerous design offices, engineering firms, research and development centers, and industrial assemblers also call on our skills.

Find here the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EIIF) study on the potential for energy savings and CO2 reduction

Our company is MASE certified since October 2001

Our trademarks

Specialized in industrial thermal insulation on site, passive fire protection, thermal insulation of pipe supports using SANPON systems, the manufacture of flexible and removable insulating mats INSULFLEX, the machining of thermal insulating materials and dielectric insulating materials and in particular the machinable ceramic STUMATITE, the study and the realization of thermal protections adapted to the customers' specifications, we have registered several trademarks symbolizing our dynamism and our will to protect our know-how.

These different brands are the assurance of a rigorous implementation and selection of materials that meet the requirements of our customers.

INSULFLEX mattress
Insulating wedges SANPON
Machinable ceramic STUMATITE