Insulating, heating, acoustic and passive fire protection mats

INSULFLEX mattress from 20° C to 1370° C

Our insulating mattresses are flexible and easily removable, our INSULFLEX mattresses are made to measure in our workshop in Brindas, near Lyon.

Our teams travel to industrial sites to carry out dimensional surveys and installation once the manufacturing process is complete.

Our design office selects the technical fabrics for the envelopes (aramid fabrics, glass fabrics, silica fabrics, NEXTEL fabrics...), the insulating linings (glass fiber fleece, rock fiber fleece, silica fiber fleece, bio fiber fleece...), the closing and fastening systems, in order to meet the service conditions.

Our insulating mattresses are suitable for :


Thermal insulation & energy savings

The INSULFLEX insulating blankets meet the requirements of production, protection of the personnel and are adapted to your constraints of service: temperatures, mechanical constraints, dusty atmosphere, clean room, exposure to bad weather, energy saving...)
The maintenance of the equipments is facilitated thanks to the simplicity of disassembling/reassembling the insulating blankets without specific tools.
Our INSULFLEX thermal insulating blankets are eligible to the CEE (Certificats d'Economie d'Energie) according to the Operation n° IND-UT-121


For reheating and temperature maintenance

The heating elements are dimensioned and incorporated in the INSULFLEX insulating blankets.
The maintenance operations are also simplified since the dismantling/reassembling of the heating elements is done at the same time as the thermal insulation.
Our products are certified CE and IP 20C or IP34 as standard, and on request Eex, up to IP 55.
A temperature control and/or a temperature limitation can be associated.
They are used in particular for vacuum drying of frames and components (thin film deposition, CVD,...), drying and temperature maintenance of gas cylinders, tanks, hoppers, valves, heating of IBC 1000 liters type containers...


Passive fire protection

Our INSULFLEX insulating blankets are designed to withstand an increased hydrocarbon fire:
They ensure the protection of your equipment up to 1h30' *.
We dimension the fire protection according to your needs with the help of our thermal calculation software, our fire protection is certified by an approved laboratory (test report on request)
* according to the equipment to be protected, the conditions of use and the type of fire


Sound insulation

We adapt the nature of the materials of constitution of the insulating mattresses INSULFLEX PHONIQUE to your specifications.
We propose dismountable acoustic insulating units, without tools.
We bring a unique answer :
- For sound insulation with high thermal constraints.
- For sound insulation with fire-rated materials (M1 - A0,..)
- For sound insulation with PMUC classified materials (Usable in nuclear power plants)

NETEL-440 Insulation-For-Fabric-Ovens

Containment and coating of fibrous products

Fields of application
- Valves, flanges, elbows, instrumentation, compensators
- Turbines, pumps, manifolds and exhaust manifolds of combustion engines
- Seals for oven and furnace doors, protective screens
- Zone separating curtains, thermocouple and resistance protection
- Passive fire protection for pneumatic and electric actuators and valves
- Hoses, electrical cables, rack drying tent...

Thanks to our experience, we can meet the needs of our customers for thermal, mechanical, vibratory, acoustic, thermo-acoustic and fire constraints by combining our fabrics, insulating linings and closing systems.

Our insulating materials cover a temperature range of 20°C to 1370°C in continuous operation.

Products Operating temperatures (*)
ELITEX LAC 610M1 & ELITEX 4477 (Polyester fabric with PVC coating (M1)) - 20° C to + 100° C
ELITEX 5170 ALU (Aluminized glass fabric) 150° C
ELITEX 540 PTFE (Glass fabric with PTFE coating) 260° C
ELITEX VS 332-1 (Glass fabric with silicone coating) 280° C
ELITEX TISKEV 1B (Aramid fabric with silicone coating) 280° C
ELITEX 656 N50 HT (Glass fabric with stainless steel strap) 250° C / 500° C
ELITEX 656 F111 & ELITEX 936 F111 (100% glass fabric) 550° C
ELITEX 2002 A (Glass fabric with steel reinforcement) 650° C
ELITEX Inox 1200 wvx & ELITEX Inox 1800 nwx (Stainless steel fabric & felt) 800° C
Grained stainless steel sheet 800° C
ELITEX Stainless steel knit 304L 800° C
ELITEX Knitwear INCONEL 1150° C
ELITEX 1251 (Silica fabric) 1000° C
ELITEX 770 A (Silica fabric with steel reinforcement) 1000° C
NEXTEL 312 fiber (sheaths, tapes, fabrics, threads) 1200° C
NEXTEL 440 fiber (sheaths, tapes, fabrics, wires) 1370° C
ELITEX 2612.10 & ELITEX 3612.10 (HT tablecloth + glass fabric complex) 1100° C
Fiberglass braids & tapes 500° C
ELITEX TMV-18 (Glass braided sleeve + stainless steel frame) - 20° C to + 500° C
SILITUBE® X / THERMOTUBIX® silicon-coated fiberglass sheath - 60° C to + 260° C
Silicone foam in the form of plates or tubes (consult us) - 70° C to + 200° C
V 3012 cellular foam 150° C
ELITEX F1000 DFAL 18 (Needled glass tablecloth + 2 aluminum faces) 650° C
ELITEX NV (Needled glass tablecloth 130 Kg/m3) 650° C
ELITEX NS S-1 (Needled silica sheet 160 kg/m3) 1000° C
Microporous MICROTHERM 1000° C
Superwool Blanket 607 1100° C
Superwool Blanket 607 HT 1300° C

(*): For continuous service, please consult the product data sheet(on request) for peak temperatures and any specific application.

Mattresses for thermal and sound insulation and fire protection.

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