Insulation on industrial sites

On-site intervention of Elit's experts

Our Site Department is made up of MASE-certified teams who work from our headquarters in Brindas, in the Rhône department, for :

  • Industrial thermal insulation or industrial refrigeration insulation of equipment, pipes, valves, spheres, tanks for temperatures from -160°C to + 850°C.
  • Soundproofing of ducts, pipes, etc.
  • Acoustic insulation of fans, compressors, pumps, turbines,...
  • The refrigeration system operates down to -140°C, allowing safety or functional interventions without stopping the production of the installations.
  • The implementation of scaffolding on tanks, vats, piping made with equipment type LAYHER multidirectional.
  • The frost-free tracing, temperature maintenance of pipes, tanks, ...
  • Passive fire protection, fireproofing of structures (fendolite), feet of storage spheres using sprayed materials. Crossings of partitions, slabs, sheaths.

Activities & means

ELIT has the following equipment for insulation and refrigeration work on industrial sites

Numerically controlled sheet metal prefabrication lines

  • Electric shears
  • Electric turn-in machines
  • Electric rollers
  • Pneumatic punching machines
  • Electric bending machines
  • Automatic sheet metal stapling machines
  • Portable and construction equipment


  • LAYHER equipment multidirectional scaffolding
  • Forklift trucks

Electrical tracing

  • Specific equipment - Atex
  • Authorized personnel
  • Adapted electrical control devices

With these precision tools, ELIT is a major player in industrial thermal insulation, electrical tracing, scaffolding and passive fire protection.

MASE certified since 2001.

Thermal insulating materials

Our teams carry out the insulation of your industrial installations using a wide range of thermal insulation materials for temperatures from -200°C to + 1000°C.

MaterialsOperating temperatures
FOAMGLAS T4 cellular glass-260° C to +430° C
 Polyurethane PU foam -200° C to +100° C
 PIR polyisocyanurate foam -200° C to +120° C
 Phenolic foam -ECOPHEN -180° C to +120° C
 STYROAM extruded polystyrene foam -50° C to + 75° C
 Elastomeric foam - ARMAFLEX®-KFLEX -50° C to + 150° C
 ROCKWOOL Rockwool +20° C to +650° C
 ISOVER glass wool +20°C to 450°C
 SUPERWOOL-INSULFRAX high temperature wool +20° C to +1300° C
 Microtherm +20° C to +1000° C
 BS and Foster ® type bonding compounds -196° C to + 1000° C
 Flexible and removable insulating mattresses INSULFLEX

On-site insulation: thermal insulation, sound insulation, acoustic insulation...

Insulation of skid
Electric pipe tracing
Thermal skid insulation
Thermal Insulation
Insulation of pipes on site
Insulation of industrial filtration systems
Vertical tank insulation on pharmaceutical site
Insulation of pipes and equipment on site
Insulation of pipes on skid
Tank insulation
Insulating mattresses CEE INSULFLEX
Insulating mattresses CEE INSULFLEX
Insulating mattresses CEE INSULFLEX
Insulation and INSULFLEX insulating blankets for pipelines and pumps
Hot water condensate line insulation
Hot water condensate line insulation
INSULMFLEX thermal insulation and blankets for steam pipelines
INSULMFLEX thermal insulation and blankets for steam pipelines
Tank insulation
Thermal insulation of condensate tanks
Thermal insulation on pharmaceutical site
Insulation of tanks and pipes
Thermal insulation of steam lines on site

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